Review: Juvia‘s Place Foundation and Concealer

in , by Beatriz Couto, April 11, 2020
I love skin! For me, the most important thing in makeup is the skin. The skin needs to look beautiful!
I honestly think that if the skin does not look good, it does not matter how good the rest of the makeup looks, the makeup job, in general, won't look good! So....take care of your skin and choose products that are appropriate to your skin type. 

In this post, I share my opinion about two makeup skin products from Juvia's Place. The famous I am Magic foundation and concealer. 

Brand description of the products:

  • Foundation:
  • "Take a trip around the world with Juvia's Place and our brand new I AM MAGIC Velvety Matte Foundation formulas. From Sudan to Marisol, our 42 expertly formulated shades are globally-inspired for long-lasting, all-day wearability. I AM MAGIC Velvety Matte Foundation was designed for ALL skin tones, from the deepest dark to the fairest fair. Live YOUR magic with Juvia's Place."
  • Concealer:
    "Experience the new I AM MAGIC Liquid Concealer from Juvia's Place, designed to give you a full range of weightless coverage across 24 unique shades, formulated for all skin types and tones. Live YOUR magic with Juvia's Place."

My opinion:

  • Foundation:
  • When I am looking to buy a new foundation I want the product to look the most natural possible. The coverage of the products usually influences how natural the foundation is going to look in the skin. Usually, more coverage means less natural. I was very surprised to find out that I am Magic foundation is full coverage but even that way, it looks natural. You can see by my images that I am using makeup, but the skin looks natural, with some natural glow. I love to see that! Keeping in mind that this is a velvet effect foundation, I did my skin routine and I used an illuminating primer before I applied makeup. Because this foundation has a velvet effect I only applied setting powder under my eyes and T zone to avoid the shine and creasing areas.
  • Concealer:
    Full coverage concealer is a must-have for me! I like how easy it is to apply and blend this product. The applicator is big, so I do not have to go back to get more product. Does not dry my under eyes, love it!

Extra positive points:

  • Juvia's Place created these skin products thinking about every skin type and color. (Thank you!!!) They created 42 shades of I am Magic foundation and 24 shades of I am Magic concealer, dark shades to light shades, warm to cold undertones. That's exactly what all brands need to have! 
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan.
  • Affordable.

Before makeup:

As you can see by this picture, I do have some redness in my skin, also, at the moment I have some acne marks and dark under-eye circles. Those products cover all those imperfections.

I am very happy to have Juvia's Place in my makeup kit and, for sure, I will keep buying more of their products. 
Thank you for your visit, hope to see you here soon.
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