My night-night secrets! (5 Beauty tips)

in , by Beatriz Couto, May 22, 2020
Today I am sharing with you my biggest secrets: my night routine beauty tips. Hihi.
I love that I can just apply some products and let them work while I sleep. That is perfect!!

  1. Drink water before I go to bed: I started to drink at least a cup of water before I go to sleep. I notice that my skin definitely looks more hydrated and I wake up feeling better. 
  2. Never sleep with makeup: I know, everybody says the same thing...and that is because it is really important to remove all your makeup before you go to sleep. Even if you don't have makeup on, make sure you use a good facial cleanser to remove impurities from your skin every night. 
  3. Overnight face mask: After I make sure that my skin is clean, I like to apply an overnight facial mask. Make sure you choose one that is appropriate to your skin type. Believe me, this tip really makes a difference in your skin! I have been doing that at least twice a week and my skin is looking healthier. 
  4. Lip mask: My lips get dry very often! So, the best tip that has been working for my lips is to exfoliate my lips, and applying a lip overnight mask. I wake up the next morning with soft lips, yuppii!
  5. Lotion and fuzzy socks: You won't believe how soft your feet are going to feel until you try this tip!! Way before you go to bed apply a good amount of lotion on your feet and put fuzzy socks, go to sleep. Do it frequently and your feet are going to look and feel very healthy.

These are tips that do not take much time to do it, and you really going to see the results. I hope you liked it! 
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