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in , by Beatriz Couto, December 08, 2020
Hi, sweeties! I want to share with you everything about my 2020 fall favorite makeup.

I notice that in 2020 my makeup was mostly soft, delicate makeup. And this one is no different. 
I am loving to wear Diagonal Smokeyeye, with warm eyeshadow colors.


Diagonal Smokeyeye:

In my opinion, to create a good diagonal smokey eye you need to apply the eyeshadows very softly in your eyelid. And the biggest trick: Blending. Blending is never too much. Especially for this type of makeup!

Step by step:

  1. First I apply a light eyeshadow to all my eyelid.
  2. Then, I like to apply the other eyeshadows light colors to dark colors (Degradê), creating a diagonal shape;
  3. To create more intensity, I like to apply the darkest color to the outer corner of my eyelid.
Do not forget to blend all the eyeshadows very, very well!!!





Primer: Touch In Sol: Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm;
Foundation: IL Makiage: Woke Up Like This;
Concealer: IL Makiage: F*ck I'm Flawless;
Setting powder/Powder Contour: Too Faced - Cacoa Contour;
Highlighter: MAC Cosmetics - Hyper Real Glow;


Trèstique: Americano;

Eye makeup: 

Eyeshadows: Natasha Denona: PEAK;
Highlighter: MAC Cosmetics - Hyper Real Glow;
Eyeliner: Laura Geller: Line-n-Define dual dimension.
Eyelash mascara: Laura Geller: LashBoss Bold.
False eyelashes: J-Lash;
Eyelash glue: DUO, the green package (Love it!! My fav.)


Fenty Beauty: Uncuffed.

I decided to create makeup with matte eyeshadows, but if you are looking to do a more "extravagant" makeup look you can always apply shimmer eyeshadows and/or glitter, using the same technique.


What is your opinion about the diagonal smokey eye? Would you wear this makeup? I would love to know your opinion. Hope you like it, kisses!

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  1. Gostei bastante do artigo, muito bom mesmo! Estou amando ler seus artigos e compartilhar com os amigos!

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