Makeup: Diagonal Smokyeye | Autumn edition | Fav Makeup |

in , by Beatriz Couto, December 08, 2020
Hi, sweeties! I want to share with you everything about my 2020 fall favorite makeup.

I notice that in 2020 my makeup was mostly soft, delicate makeup. And this one is no different. 
I am loving to wear Diagonal Smokeyeye, with warm eyeshadow colors.


Gold Rose Cut Crease Make Up

in , by Beatriz Couto, July 05, 2020
Who loves rose gold? I do! I think it is sooo beautiful, and today I share with you some photos and information about this rose gold cut crease makeup that I did recently.

My night-night secrets! (5 Beauty tips)

in , by Beatriz Couto, May 22, 2020
Today I am sharing with you my biggest secrets: my night routine beauty tips. Hihi.
I love that I can just apply some products and let them work while I sleep. That is perfect!!

Makeup Tips | Smokey Eye | Intense & Vibrant Pink |

in , by Beatriz Couto, April 18, 2020
Hello everyone!
Today I share with you some makeup tips to create an intense smokey eye, in this case, with pink shades.

Pink can easily give you a sweet girl, "girly" look if used in more glam and soft makeup look, because it is a very feminine color. But, it also can look sensual and luxurious if used darkest shades in more intense looks. Focus on the eyes!

Review: Juvia‘s Place Foundation and Concealer

in , by Beatriz Couto, April 11, 2020
I love skin! For me, the most important thing in makeup is the skin. The skin needs to look beautiful!
I honestly think that if the skin does not look good, it does not matter how good the rest of the makeup looks, the makeup job, in general, won't look good! So....take care of your skin and choose products that are appropriate to your skin type. 

In this post, I share my opinion about two makeup skin products from Juvia's Place. The famous I am Magic foundation and concealer. 

Makeup Tips: Natural Mature Skin

in , by Beatriz Couto, April 04, 2020
Hey everyone.
Today I share with you tips to do natural makeup on mature skin.

Makeup tips: 


by Beatriz Couto, April 01, 2020
Welcome to my blog!!!

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